DTM Membership Process


DTM have recognised the need for a safe, legitimate, and affordable way for aspiring models & actors to be mentored, promoted, developed and managed.

When you join DTM you will have a photo shoot to determine:

1. What you look like in front of the camera.

2. How well you can follow instructions and take direction.

3. How confident you are in your body.

4. The type of modelling you will be best suited for.

5. How we could best develop you.

All successful candidates will work alongside professional photographers, makeup artists, stylists and will be allocated a model mentor whose sole focus is to get the best out of you throughout the day.

NOTE : DTM is a model management group and not a platform/studio, therefore all test shoots are part of our membership programme, and will not take place prior to initiation.

We Help New Models/Actors 

All images taken at your test shoot are free. These will be used by Dynamic Talent Management, and will be displayed on our website. All successful models will have their own professional profile on our site. We have clients who browse our site looking for models so it can lead to you being noticed and securing opportunities. Once your images have been developed, and your personal profile is on our main site, we safely but effectively market and promote you using various different portals. We aim to get you signed with secondary, casting and advertising agencies - once we have developed your portfolio. This leads to exposure and the more exposure, the more opportunities we secure for the individual. On our main site you will have access to our in house JOB BOARD so you will always be up dated on new and local opportunities.

We Develop and Manage Models

​Whether you are new to the industry or an experienced model who needs assistance with career management, contract negotiations, building your portfolio and other professional modelling services, DTM can help!

DTM have professional staff who are heavily connected to a high number of industry professionals and fully understand all aspects of the industry. DTM talent managers are responsible for the models development, providing you with your own creative team, so whenever you have an idea, concept and location for a shoot or submissions for magazines, you can organise it with your Talent Manager, and build - we advise all our models to keep building on their portfolio's as this gives us more to show clients and keeps your look-book up to date. Your Talent Manager will aim to get your travel & food expenses covered so throughout your time as a model these expenses won't affect your pocket. We script together short term/long term plans for our talent and aim to achieve these goals by a given time.

What DTM Can Do For You

DTM give you the support, guidance and voice you need to get noticed by directors, designers, project managers, production companies, creative, casting & advertising agents who are actively searching for faces. Our years of experience and connections to the industry will give you the advantage over your competition. 


When beginning a career as a model, it is essential to get as much exposure as you can. To do this you need to be active. At DTM our sole purpose is to give you exposure to the people who really matter - Directors; Music, Film, Online & TV, also, different Designers, Established Photographers, Casting Agents & Project Managers.

DTM can set up your social media, helping with the structure and promotion. DTM provides you with the exposure, development and management you need so you can get noticed and get your career started on the right track.

Membership Plans

After the initial intake and you've complete your photo shoot, it will take 14/21 days for your profile to go live and you will receive your test shoot images shortly after. Depending on your membership commitment, you can be allocated a talent manager or advisor/booker, you will have direct contact and will be able to correspond most of the time. All model's commit to a one off membership payment when joining giving each person access to a variety of different services. Our membership will cover the model throughout their time. DTM will extend the membership for free based on genuine commitment. Prior to your photo shoot you will have a meeting with one our talent managers who will discuss the benefits of our services and each designated membership. For more information on membership set up cost, click HERE

Cancellation Policy

We have a very strict cancellation policy whereby if you decide to cancel at any time, the down-payment is not refundable. In terms of memberships, these can be cancelled at any time, however all payments made prior will not be refunded. If you would like to reschedule your introduction, we would require an additional down-payment and the previous down-payment will be lost. If under 18 you MUST attend with a legal guardian. If you are late for the day (then) the down-payment will not be deducted from your membership. If you decide to not go ahead with DTM's services at the introduction stages, not only will you lose the initial down-payment but you will also be liable to cover the cost of the booked creative team at £100.

You MUST bring Identification on the day otherwise we will reject your application and this includes all guests you decide to bring with you.

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