DTM is the mother, we manage, mentor & develop models, actors & other talent with the aim to present and place each talent on different projects to enhance their growth.


We can help with the talent's overall development, building social media awareness, managing client relationships (contract negotiators + representative), seeking work placements, safe-guarding welfare whilst ensuring they can walk before they run. We offer tailored membership plans giving an individual the opportunity to utilise services that in turn enables one to develop, find motivation and stay committed.

Over the years DTM has become a creative community hub for all types of talent attracting the likes of Photographers, Creative Directors, Fashion Designers, and others to be apart of the growth and development of our business model. We take pride in providing both short term & long term career strategies for our talent, inevitably connecting each talent with opportunities to develop their skills, grow in confidence & get noticed by the right clients

We have a dedicated team who are passionate about the work they do responding not only to the needs of our talent but also to the needs of many clients


A no.1 priority is the safety and happiness of our talent and ensuring we safeguard their welfare 110%


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